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Tetro Maze is our upcoming 2D puzzle game in which you build your path with Tetris-inspired blocks. Its release date is set for the 31st of Juli 2019.

About the game

You encounter different obstacles which are combined to countless puzzles and challenges, to then form 8 levels of increasing  difficulty.


  • Drag and Drop so-called Tetros from your Inventory into the game panel: Familiar-shaped tile complexes on which you can walk on.
  • Levers, doors, buttons that spawn blocks which can be pushed through the world and pressure plates lead to a variety of diversified challenges.
  • A fully controllable camera and a minimap make it easier to keep track of the surrounding world to always have a good overview of 
  • Interactive level choosing: Control the player in a world that is making more levels accessible the further you get in the game.
  • Save your progress! Every 2-5 minutes, you can save your progress in the current level. You can then close the application and continue from that state whenever you feel like doing so.
  • If you struggle with a challenge, feel free to get a hint just by pressing a single key - but don't overuse this feature to your own interest, as it may take away part of the challenge and therefore part of the fun.
  • Around 5-8 hours of content - depending on your abilities to adapt to new challenges and your puzzle-solving skills.


Keyboard controls are completely customizable, but we chose the following  initial configuration:

left mouse buttongrab and place Tetros
right mouse button / Rrotate Tetros
W, A, S, Dmove the player
Shift [hold]run
Space barinteract
Eremove the last Tetro placed
Fretry the current section
Control [hold] + W, A, S, Dmove the camera
Tget a hint

Behind the scenes

This game was created without a budget, and each graphic and every line of code is completely self-made. This game represents the first nameable release that we can present, as developing games has always been (and still is) but a hobby for both of us. Because of that we are fully committed to deliver a packing and challenging experience.


Capek Studios is a project by Marius Schmitz and Lars Kecker.

For submitting feature requests, bug reports, or to ask questions, just comment  below or send us an e-mail to: capek.studios@gmail.com

Please excuse any language mistake made in this article


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Tetro Maze 1.0 (Windows) 4 MB
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